'Great' seems barely adequate....

A large living and dining area are open to the country kitchen and on occasion have been reconfigured to house 50 plus people for a sit down meal. Wood floors and an antique staircase compliment the room. There is a big bay window to the north with views of the meadow and mountain.

Yes it is a Great Room in so many ways...Celebrations from a 50th wedding anniversary to large catered functions with dozens of people and great live music to intimate get togethers for two or a few... Memories have been made in this room. Whether at the expanded dining table or around the Christmas Tree or on the Farm at large...there has always been a feeling of 'home'.

Perhaps that saying: 'Home is where the heart is' will hold true for you too.

The South windows overlook the Hot Tub and a lilac screen. There is room for a piano or even a Quartet ...instruments and all... To the West the Sky is large, over the meadows and towards the North mountain...Great Sunsets paint shadowed patterns on the walls within. Sometimes its hard to I watch the sunset or the artful designs...once seen, never repeated.
To the North one can see the cloud banks or the fog settled over the Bay of Fundy...occasionally the light show of a brilliant thunder and lightening storm.
In the heat of summer the brief drive to the shore can provide a dramatically cooling effect...and if not, the salt air is so refreshing.

To the east the big Country Kitchen beckons with its own unique attractions.

As for the room itself...large and open and certainly a canvas for any aspiring decorator. The floors are finished in local pine providing both warmth and freshness. They show the experience of family life.

The Bay Window on the North side gives close up views of the Butterfly Garden and a pathway to the brook.


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If you are going in circles

If you are going in circles
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Get your Ducks

Get your Ducks a row!


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